Healthy Oceans for a healthy climate.

The future is carbon neutral.

Individuals and businesses need to drastically reduce their carbon emissions now and become carbon neutral in order to limit climate change to 1.5 °C. 

The climate is sensitive.

Every 0.1 °C of warming causes more severe climate consequences.

Our creative strategies, efficient processes and experienced experts help your business lead the way.


Businesses around the globe are taking action on the climate crisis. 

We are here to simplify carbon neutrality for small and medium businesses.


We offer simple, high-impact pathways to help balance your professional carbon footprint.



Regenerative Consulting

within the Doughnut

Humans are overusing the Earth's resources. In 2020 at a rate of 1.6 Earths a year.


Simultaneously global carbon emissions from human activities are estimated to cause the climate to change by 2°C to 3.5 °C. According to leading scientists thereby causing potential climate disaster in the near future. Business clearly hold a responsibly in balancing and reversing these trends. Exactly where to start can often be a challenge for policy and decision makers. We are here to bring structure, expertise and clarity to your sustainability strategy.


Within the ERDLY Circular Framework we analyse your business model, supply chain and operations in a Cradle-to-Cradle (C2C) approach. With the help of individually designed, regenerative pathways we'll create lasting value for your organisation's stakeholders, shareholders and the environment.


Our holistic strategies - observing your organisation from all angles - will be sure to free your business from the residue of extractive economic thinking of the 20th century and take it into the regenerative economy of the 21st century. Along the way repairing past damage while growing internal and external resilience. 

Doughnut Economics are a groundbreaking way of analysing our economic system with the guiding questions being: How do we create, measure and distribute value while staying within planetary boundaries?


We are all a part of the first generation of decision makers who are aware of humans’ impact on the natural world and thus have the opportunity and the responsibility to create an economy that benefits humanity and the living systems we rely on.


Our creative approach, tools and expertise will help embed your business into this new economy.

Creating resilience and value within your organisation, in your local community and along your supply chain. 

EARTHLY Climate consulting for good business.

How can your business contribute to a regenerative future that brings all of humanity into the safe & just zone of the Doughnut?

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Carbon Neutral Certification

the first step.

To remain within planetary boundaries as a business means to ensure that resources are used efficiently while being regenerated at the rate that they are used at. 


It also involves to keep waste disposal (e.g. carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere) to an absolute minimum while balancing the remainder with holistic and regenerative projects to achieve a status of net-zero waste or emissions.


Given the level of concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere today (>400ppm) and the severe implications this is having on humans and natural systems across the globe, we understand carbon neutrality as a first essential step for any business operating today. We offer diverse ways of achieving this.​

Measuring Carbn emissions

We measure your environmental footprint in accordance with international standards.

EARTHLY Climate Partnerships

Our holistic and regenerative pathways improve your business' sustainability.

EARTHLY Climate Positive

Our regenerative projects balance remaining carbon emissions.


We audit & certify:

​Carbon Neutral Product Certification

Carbon Emission Audit in a Cradle to Cradle approach in accordance with international standards ISO 14067:2018 & PAS2050

Carbon Neutral Business Operations Certification

Auditing operations to enable your business to be climate transparent with business partners and customers. 

Carbon Neutral Event Certification

Benefit from our carbon neutral event expertise to stand out amongst the crowd.

Plant-a-tree per product or service sold

Plant a tree each time you sell a product, or have a zoom meeting, the possibilities are endless.

Carbon Neutral Team Certification

Make your team carbon neutral and take your positive climate impact beyond your business. 

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regenerative strategy for your business.


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